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CALL [218] 878.7337


Q: What is Broadband?

A: Broadband is High Speed Fiber Internet that is installed in the ground as a Fiber Optic Cable. This will not be a wireless network.

Q: What is Fiber?

A: Fiber is a technology that uses glass threads to transmit data or messages.

Q: What is Mbps and Gbps?

A: Mbps is Megabits Per Second and Gbps is Gigabits Per Second. 1Gbps is 1000X faster than 1Mbps.

Q: How fast will the Fiber Internet be?

A: The Aaniin Fiber internet will be capable of speeds up to 1Gbps. That is roughly 20-40 times faster than the best internet option in this area.

Q: How big is Aaniin's Service Area?

A: Aaniin will provide fiber services to any home or business located on the Fond du Lac Reservation. Thanks to several grants that were awarded to the Fond du Lac Band, many addresses on the Reservation can get the fiber connected to their home for no charge to the home/business owner!

Q: Free Installation? Home Design Survey?

A: If you are located in a grant eligible area, you can get fiber connected to your home or business for free. Getting a home design survey is the first step. A crew will use locating equipment to see where any underground power or utility lines are at your property. Then they can make sure the fiber cable won't interfere with any of your other services. The next step will be for crews to install fiber cable from the roadside pedestal to your home.

Q: Will the Service be free?

A: No, customers will need to subscribe to the service. You will have a choice of varying tiers of Internet, Telephone and Television. Click the CONNECT link at the top of the page to see all the services that Aaniin offers.

Q: What if I don't want to subscribe?

A: Subscribing to the service is optional. Having the fiber installed to your home does not commit you to subscribing for services.