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CommandIQ Guides

CommandIQ setup is quick and easy, and will put you in charge of your managed wireless network! See the Quick Setup and Full guides below.

CommandIQ Quick Setup  |  CommandIQ Full User Guide

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844E User Guide

The Basic Wifi Package includes the 844E ONU. See the quick start guide below.

844E Quick Start Guide

Gigaspire Blast/Max Guides

The Advanced Wifi Package includes either the Gigaspire Blast or Max with Alexa functionality. See the quick start guide below.

Gigaspire Blast/Max Quick Start Guide

804 Mesh Wifi Extender Guide

The 804 Mesh Wifi Extender will boost your Wifi signal and ensure a strong Wifi connection throughout your home.

804 Mesh User Guide

Residential Phone User Guide

The Aaniin Residential Phone Service provides users with all of the popular phone system features; call waiting, Caller ID, Voicemail, etc. See the user guide below for help with setting up these services at your home.

Phone User Guide